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Research Scientist joins our research team

November 2021

We are excited to welcome Dr. Betsy Salazar as a Research Scientist in the Khavari lab. Dr. Salazar has extensive knowledge in neurogenic bladder research and neuromodulation techniques.

R03 Award funded by the NIDDK, NIH

January 2021

Thank you to the NIDDK, NIH for their support of our research. This 2-year grant program will allow us to investigate the brain and especially brainstem activity during continence and micturition in healthy men and women, using high-resolution neuroimaging (7-Tesla functional MRI).

Logan Hubbard received the SUFU 2021 Travel Award

December 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Hubbard, PGY-3 for receiving the SUFU 2021 travel award!

Khue Tran received Best Poster Award for Therapeutics and Treatments category and first place in People's Choice Poster at CAIRIBU 2020 meeting

December 2020

Congratulations to Khue for her recognitions at the CAIRIBU 2020 meeting! Khue presented the preliminary results for our ongoing TRPMS clinical trial.

Logan Hubbard received Best Poster Award for Neuroregulation and Voiding/LUTS category at CAIRIBU 2020 meeting

December 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Hubbard for his award at the CAIRIBU 2020 meeting! Dr. Hubbard presented our preliminary results on brain activation of BPH patients before undergoing bladder outlet obstruction procedure.

Welcome two EnMed students joining our research team

October 2020

We are excited to welcome Darshil Choksi and Bradley Schott to our lab! Darshil is an MS2 and Bradley is an MS1, both at Texas A&M EnMed Program.

Dr. Khavari appointed to the AUA Leadership Program

April 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Khavari for being selected to participate in the 2020 AUA Leadership Program!

Khue Tran awarded Second Place Poster at the 2019 HMRI Summer Science Symposium

August 2019

Congratulations to Khue for receiving Second Place Poster at the 2019 Summer Science Symposium at Houston Methodist Research Institute! Khue has been our summer undergraduate research intern for two summers and will continue working in the lab in the fall.

Dr. Khavari received the HMH Dyer and Baucum Fellowship Award

April 2019

Thank you to Houston Methodist Hospital for their support to our research! The Dyer and Baucum Fellowship Award, awarded to Dr. Khavari, will support our research project regarding the Implantation of artificial urinary sphincter in women.

A podcast for Neurogenic Bladders, presented by the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction

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